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Garage Organisation

Do you dread opening your garage door? Has your garage become a dumping zone for all those items that ‘will come in handy one day’ and all mixed up with the items that belong like mowers and bicycles? Then we can help.

Like thousands of people many of us use the garage as a dumping ground for all manner of items from the genuine items such as pushbikes, mowers, tools and camping equipment to anything that is unwanted in the house and especially all those items that’ll come in handy one day.

Total Garage Solutions can transform your garage and give you an organised and functional space that will become another part of your home you can be proud of.

All those items that were once strewn all over the place will now be where you want them when you want them and you never know you may even be able to get the car in!


Floor tile fittingTotal Garage Solutions can offer a wide range of racking, cabinets and wall panels as well as flooring to achieve the above whilst working to a budget you can afford.

In fact we can quote from anything from a simple tidy up to a bespoke garage which could include flooring, cabinets and racking or any combination in between.

Planning and Conversion

If your thinking of converting your garage into additional living space Total Garage Solutions can help from the early planning stages (if required) right through to construction. We’ll work to a budget giving you peace of mind and work with the minimum interference to your busy daily routines.